Established in 2012, The Laurel School provides special education to early learners who show clear signs of dyslexia. The school serves students in Princeton, New Jersey, greater Mercer County and surrounding areas. There are many reasons to choose The Laurel School from the other schools for dyslexia in NJ.

Gordon F. Sherman, Ph.D. and Dee Rosenberg, M.A., LDT/C, have created a school where students with dyslexia can thrive in an environment that is truly “Designed for the Dyslexic Mind.” Dr. Sherman and Ms. Rosenberg have, combined, nearly 40 years of research, teaching, training, speaking and consulting experience in dyslexia.

The Laurel School is the newest component of the Newgrange family of services, which focuses exclusively on developmental dyslexia. Unlike other dyslexia schools, the new school benefits from the expertise of The Newgrange School in Hamilton, NJ, a state-approved school for students with disabilities, and from the services offered through the Ann Robinowitz Education Center. The Education Center, located in Princeton, provides professional development programs for teachers, educational evaluations, tutoring and educational consulting. The Newgrange organization was founded in 1977.

The Laurel School’s Executive Director, Dr. Gordon F. Sherman, is internationally recognized for his contributions to the field of brain research, teaching methodologies and service to the dyslexia community. Dr. Sherman is a former President and current board member of the International Dyslexia Association. Before joining Newgrange in 2000, he was a Harvard-based researcher in neuroscience.

The expert staff of the Laurel School has years of experience providing diagnostic and prescriptive teaching. Our language arts program emphasizes direct systematic and cumulative instruction that builds on the foundations of literacy and academic language. Our math and science programs are inquiry-based and structured to meet the standards of excellence of the National Science Resource Center (NSRC) and National Council for Teachers of Mathematics. Additional subjects are taught through interactive lessons, capitalizing on experiences that enhance memory and the generalization of skills.

We believe our uniquely informed, research-based approach puts us at a distinct advantage compared to other schools for dyslexia in NJ. Inquiries are welcomed from reading specialists, parents of children with learning disabilities and those in the special education community seeking a private elementary school program offering multisensory language instruction.