The Arts

The Arts


Personalized Art Curriculum School for Learning Disabilities

At school, learning disabilities should not hinder the artistic potential of a dedicated, hard-working student. If you’ve been searching for more effective solutions for learning disabilities, our arts program at The Laurel School of Princeton can be an integral part of your student’s newfound success. Our special needs school utilizes art as one component of a successful dyslexia school curriculum. We serve students in the greater Princeton area, Central New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Study of the arts is an important piece of a well-rounded educational experience. Many students with dyslexia are gifted artistically, and we are committed to providing them with instruction of the highest quality, allowing them to explore their talents to the fullest. In our visual arts program, children explore various materials and media, learning about the connections between these and various cultures and subject areas. They also learn about artists and art history. We will foster the appreciation of the visual arts and inspire children to create their own works.

Look to our unique arts program when you consider our special education school. Learning disabilities will not limit your child’s artistic or academic options at The Laurel School of Princeton. Contact us today to discuss the specifics of our outstanding curriculum.

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