Language Arts

Language Arts


Innovative and Interactive Language Arts Learning in Princeton, NJ

Dyslexia is a learning disorder characterized by a difficulty in learning both written and oral language. Students with dyslexia sometimes experience letters that appear “mixed up.” The condition may also manifest in delayed speech, difficulty with pronunciation, trouble learning nursery rhymes and songs, problems with processing and understanding instructions, difficulty with spelling, and other challenges with both spoken and written language. The Laurel School of Princeton offers an integrative, engaging curriculum that helps students overcome these and other language issues.

Learning Language Arts

The language arts curriculum at the Laurel School provides skillful instruction in reading, writing, and oral language designed to improve each student’s ability to process words. Multisensory programs emphasize decoding, encoding, awareness of the parts of language and speech, morphology, and other “word attack” skills. Language arts programs focus on reading and writing as well as helping with struggles with speech and pronunciation.

Improving Reading Readiness

The Laurel School teaches students with dyslexia to read with the evidence-based Orton-Gillingham and Wilson Reading programs. This multisensory curriculum uses a variety of integrative approaches that allow educators to tailor learning to each student’s individual needs. It’s also designed to be diagnostic, providing assessments that monitor student progress and offer prescriptive solutions to challenges.

Building on the Basics of Writing

A focus on the building blocks of sentences, paragraphs, and essays helps improve a student’s writing skills. The writing programs at the Laurel School create an optimum schedule that starts with the basics of simple sentences and slowly progresses to more advanced grammatical elements as soon as the student is ready.

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