Math Curriculum for Dyscalculia Students of Central Jersey

The Laurel School of Princeton provides the latest and most technologically advanced teaching methods used among schools. Located in Princeton, NJ, our school serves students with learning disabilities all throughout the greater Princeton area, Central New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania. We are a school for children with learning differences, focused on providing the best instruction for students with dyslexia and dyscalculia.

What is Dyscalculia?

Both dyslexia and dyscalculia can affect a student’s ability to learn and understand math. Dyslexia involves trouble reading and isolating sounds, language difficulties that can impact learning in any subject, from language arts to science. Dyscalculia, on the other hand, specifically affects a student’s ability to absorb and understand numbers and math concepts. In more acute cases of dyscalculia, there can be an acute disadvantage when it comes to keeping up with peers.

Math Curriculum for Students with Dyscalculia

Our math curriculum focuses on the five areas recommended by the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics, including Number and Numerical Operations (number sense, numerical operations, and estimation), Geometry and Measurement, Patterns and Algebra, Data Analysis and Probability, and Mathematical Processes (problem-solving, communication and connections, reasoning, representations, and technology). Students are encouraged to build automaticity of skills in all areas. Like our reading program, our math instruction is provided in a multisensory, explicit manner, which emphasizes skill building and accuracy.

Preparing Students for Ongoing Success

Instruction begins after a child has had a baseline assessment of knowledge of math facts, calculation, and problem-solving. A multisensory and direct instruction approach is used to build a true understanding of math concepts, beginning at a concrete level and building toward symbolic and abstract levels of understanding. Specialized language will be integrated throughout the curriculum so that children have an understanding of math vocabulary and how to use it. Accommodations are made so that all children participate and excel at their own pace. Instruction is based on conceptual understanding, so that children progress through the curriculum based on cognitive abilities, despite their challenges with rote memorization of math facts.

Learn More About Our Exciting Program

Schedule a visit at The Laurel School of Princeton and discover the advantages of being part of our network. If you have any questions about our unique and effective math curriculum, please call us at (609) 566-6000. Our commitment to academic excellence is just one component of our success at The Laurel School of Princeton. For parents of children with dyscalculia, our school’s biggest selling point is our adaptive program that tailors the math and language curriculum to the special abilities of each student.

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