Multisensory Teaching

Multisensory Learning Image - The Laurel School Of PrincetonSpecialized Education Using Multisensory Teaching

Many children have difficulty learning in a typical school environment, causing their talents to go unnoticed and neglected. With the Laurel School of Princeton’s method of multisensory teaching, Princeton, NJ instructors use revolutionary methods to help students to flourish in their studies.

In these cases where children struggle to learn through traditional means, it is not the students who need to change, but the teaching itself. As a school for learning disabilities, we know how necessary it is to change the style of education for students who learn differently. Our teachers provide a new way for children to learn by engaging them at multiple levels. Several proven teaching methods, including the Orton-Gillingham program, are used in our institution to bolster each student’s education and help them go above and beyond the amount they could learn using conventional means. While our school is located in Princeton, NJ, The Laurel School of Princeton is a special needs school that services the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas.

With a staff certified in hands-on and experiential teaching methods, the Laurel School provides excellent instruction in multisensory teaching. Princeton, NJ parents can attest that our instructors strive to help children who may struggle with typical learning techniques. We provide academic guidance and disability accommodation to all special learning school students that desire to bolster their education using this new teaching style.

The Laurel School of Princeton also offers advanced multisensory teaching styles that incorporate technology to educate children, which has been proven to be very effective with those struggling with dyslexia. For more information regarding this stylistic approach to education, we encourage you to explore our website or visit our home in Princeton, New Jersey.