Faculty and Administration

Tim Viands
Tim Viands CEO and Head of Schools
Dee Rosenberg
Dee Rosenberg Head of School
Kelly Dun
Kelly Dun Assistant Head of School for External Relations
Allison Greenburg
Allison Greenburg Assistant to the CEO and Head of Schools
Dr. Lorraine McKay
Dr. Lorraine McKay Assistant Head of School and Science Teacher
Sharon Anderson
Sharon Anderson Teacher
Sarah Casamalhuapa
Sarah Casamalhuapa Paraprofessional
Eleanor Evans
Eleanor Evans Art Teacher
Kathleen Halliday
Kathleen Halliday Reading Specialist & Teacher
Nancy Hammill
Nancy Hammill Teacher
Hope Krick-Osborn
Hope Krick-Osborn Music and Theater Teacher
Susan Miller
Susan Miller M.A., LDT/C
Janet Neal
Janet Neal Ann Robinowitz Education Center Administrator
Andrew Piccolo
Andrew Piccolo Teacher
Logan Rogers
Logan Rogers Teacher
Corin Rosenberg
Corin Rosenberg Teacher
Alicia Wagner
Alicia Wagner Speech Therapist