Notes From Dee – February 7th, 2020

Notes From Dee // February 7, 2020

Laurel School February 2020 Calendar

February 12 – Professional Development -Early Dismissal

February 14 – Early Dismissal – No Pizza

February 17 – SCHOOL CLOSED – Presidents’ Day

February 28 – End of 2nd Trimester

Dear Laurel Families, 

So much is going on at Laurel this week! In celebration of Black History Month, the students have been reading about African American heroes in history and in modern times. Ms. Sharon’s class, for example, has been reading about Ruby Bridges, the first African-American child to desegregate the all-white William Frantz Elementary School in Louisiana during the New Orleans school desegregation crisis in 1960. They also read The Sneetches, by Dr. Seuss, a book about celebrating the similarities among individuals rather than the differences between them. They have been writing paragraphs comparing their factual research with the story to note how they are alike, as well as the important lessons they teach all of us. 

Our Animal Advocacy Club has been busy and productive. The students explained how we can all help comfort animals who are in a local animal shelter. During our Morning Meeting, Advocacy Club members Aryan, Lauren, ArJ and Ms. Nancy, showed us the fabric they bought with the funds they raised during our half day snack sales. They explained how all Laurel students could help during lunch and recess, by measuring and cutting the fabric to specific sizes in order to fit the cages in which the animals live. The animals will take our blankets with them to their new adoptive homes. They also told us that Laurel has adopted a koala! Some of our donated money was sent to help the koalas who have been endangered during the Australian fires. See picture below. 

We had a visit from a Watershed Ambassador recently, and she discussed aquatic macroinvertebrates as an indicator species for water quality. She provided three separate grade appropriate talks for our students who enjoyed learning how to use a dichotomous key (a table to that helps identify species). Laurel has also been awarded our River Friendly Certification through the Watershed Institute in Pennington. This esteemed honor recognizes us as steward of our natural waterways and surrounding lands. It has always been a priority for Laurel School students to be concerned about protecting our environment, and this is another way that we can show our commitment to our community. We will be applying for higher levels of River Friendly Certification in the future. 

Please join us in welcoming Angelica Alvarez to our eighth grade class. Angelica and her family are from the Bridgewater area. Angelica is very interested in singing, musicals and playing video games.  We welcome Gerry and Candy Alvarez to our parent community. 

We have begun to collect books for our (global and local) Book Project. Please send in gently used books to be sorted and boxed by our students. These books will be distributed locally and  to Africa.

Our amended Phone Policy for Upper School Students is as follows:

Upper School (grades 7-9) students are expected to hand their phones to their teachers during homeroom period, so that they may be secured. Phones will be returned at the end of the school day. Students are prohibited from recording anything on school property or at school sponsored events, unless they are given permission by a faculty member. Students are prohibited from posting anything online without the permission of those in the recording.


There will be an early dismissal on Wednesday, February 12, in order to provide staff development for our faculty. 

We will have a Valentine’s Day celebration on Friday, February 14 in Lower School. You should have received a student list with names so that all children will send valentines to all Lower School students. 

There is a half day on Friday, February 14th, to begin President’s weekend. We will resume classes on Tuesday, February 18.

Upcoming Half Day Snack Sales to benefit our Animal Advocacy Club:

February 12 – Half Day Professional Development

February 14 -Half Day Early Dismissal (President’s Day Weekend)

March 11, 12 -Parent Teacher Conferences

March 13- Half Day Early Dismissal (March Break Weekend)

March 25 -Half Day Professional Development