Summer Program!!! – Planet Protectors – Making a Splash in Clean Water

This summer, the Laurel School Planet Protectors will be thinking about water quality, learning about sources of water pollution, and identifying ways to protect our most precious natural resource; fresh water. We will become practicing environmental engineers as we design, create and improve water filtration devices! Sprinkle in some Science Fun Friday activities exploring the unique chemical and physical properties of water, and we will be awash in a creative and environmental summer science program.

The four-week summer program is for Laurel Students in grades 1 – 8, and for children from surrounding public, private and charter schools. The summer program is structured to reinforce critical skills in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics, while at the same time enriching the knowledge of our students in the sciences.

The Planet Protectors will partake in an hour of hands on, inquiry-based science with Dr. McKay, our science expert. Children will also have one hour classes in Orton-Gillingham® and Wilson Reading® to increase reading and spelling skills.  An additional hour of reading comprehension and writing will address the science theme for the summer, using multisensory techniques, and evidence based methods. Students will also have an hour of mathematics that will enable practice of critical math skills and address individual math needs.  Reading and Math skills are taught in a 1 – 1 or small group class.

The Laurel School’s teachers and staff are expertly trained and certified in Orton-Gillingham and the Wilson Reading methodologies. Our teachers are also highly qualified and expertly trained in math, science and other subject areas.

Planet Protectors will take place July 5 to July 28. Half and full days will be offered, with all children receiving critical skills in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics every morning. Students staying the full day may partake in “Art, Design Thinking and Sports” in the afternoons.

This Summer:

Summer Session Themes: Make a Splash in Clean Water

Half Day: 8:45AM – 12:30PM           

Full Day 8:45AM – 3:00PM            


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