The Laurel School Summer Program

Are you looking for a summer program that will keep your child on track with reading and math virtually, while also providing hands-on, multisensory opportunities for discovery and fun?

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July 6 – July 31, 2020
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Children will spend time this summer cultivating curiosity while developing better academic skills the Summer Program at Laurel School of Princeton.  Math, science, reading and language arts, and research skills will be integrated into an interesting online program, that will be presented in a  multisensory, hands-on way.  Your child will have fun while maintaining and strengthening their academic skills.


ACADEMIC CORE BLOCK: Math, Reading, and Language Arts

The Academic Core Block is open to all students and who will be grouped by skill level and academic need. The goal of this block is to continue to practice and build skills in  these the essential academic areas. Students will be  screened and placed in small homogeneous groups for Reading and Math.

  • Reading  students will have instruction in Wilson Reading or Orton Gillingham programs, taught by expert and certified teachers.
  • Math students will maintain, practice and further develop grade appropriate math skills as well as  individual deficits. 
  • Language Arts classes will instruct reading comprehension and written expression,emphasizing sentence and paragraph structure, and providing text evidence  in written responses.



Grades 2-3
Radical Radishes and Marvelous Marigolds

Junior Scientists growing plants to learn about the nature of science, life cycles, and the needs of living things
Students will observe, record, and  interpret  their own data to learn:

  • Note taking
  • Measurement
  • Graphing and data interpretation (with basic math)
  • Vocabulary 
  • Reading, writing and presentation skills 
    • Sentence structure
    • Compare and contrast
    • Fact vs. Opinion


Grades 4-5
Zany for Zinnias, Bonkers for Beans

Cultivating plants from seed to test growth conditions-and design experiments that answer important environmental questions.
Students will identify a scientific question, and design/ perform experiments that will help them find an answer.  The project will develop skills in:

  • Identifying and solving problems
  • Measuring and evaluating data
  • Taking notes, making observations, critical thinking
  • Communicating findings effectively
  • Enriched vocabulary
  • Reading, writing and presentation 
    • Paragraph structure
    • Writing for different purposes (compare/contrast, how-to, reporting research)


Grades 6-8
ntriguing Investigations: Project FUGO

A Forensics/ Study Skills program that will entice students with mystery, investigation and lots of fun. The course focuses on the true story of mysterious “fire balloons” that landed in the US Pacific Northwest during WWII.  Unraveling the mystery of who sent them and why will provide 6-8th graders with an opportunity to strengthen executive functioning, study skills and reading and writing skills through an exciting exploration of a historical mystery solved with science. 

Students will learn valuable skills that can be applied in any academic content area. They will improve reading comprehension, written expression, analytical thinking, and research skills as they explore historical information and scientific investigative evidence. They will also work on their public speaking and presentation skills to explain their findings throughout the program.   

Students will receive a package of detailed information and materials to participate in this 4 week long investigation. 

Students completing the course will have learned to:

  • interpret and synthesize text and scientific evidence to support a hypothesis.
  • read advanced text and interpret information from various media/sources. 
  • evaluate the relevance and quality of information 
  • more effectively use written and oral expression to communicate what they have learned. 
  • use various of digital media to learn about and present their findings



Eye For Art: Disney! 
July 6 – 10
1 PM – 3:30 PM

Let’s immerse ourselves in the wondrous and magical world of Disney…!
With the use of mixed media, we will draw and create many of the fascinating characters that we all have come to love in the numerous Disney stories and movies, including ‘R2D2’ of “Star Wars”, ‘Princess Belle’ of “Beauty and the Beast”, and so much more..!


Eye For Art:
Give My Regards To Broadway!
July 13 – 17

1 PM – 3:30 PM

Let’s immerse ourselves in the dazzling world of New York City’s Broadway, with the inspiration from some of the famous musical shows, such as: “The Lion King”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Mary Poppins”, “Phantom of the Opera”, and so much more..!


WEEKS 3 and 4
Eye For Art:
Treasures of the Met!
July 20 – 24 and July 27 – 3
1 PM – 3:30 PM

New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art have brought countless, magnificent treasures to the world for over one hundred and forty years. Let’s explore the distinguished collection within the walls and wings of the museum, from Ancient, Medieval, Decorative Arts to Drawings and Paintings!




ELECTIVE INFORMATION: NoticeAbility Entrepreneurs and Innovators Program.© 

Students will have the opportunity to unlock their full potential through the NoticeAbility Entrepreneurs and Innovators Program.© The Laurel School of Princeton is the first New Jersey School to offer this unique program, specifically designed for students with dyslexia. Laurel is leading the way because of the value we see in the program’s focus on building the skills critical to student success. Students learn from dyslexic role models to appreciate the positive aspects of their cerebrodiversity.  They feel success as they identify,  then leverage, their unique set of MIND strengths. Each lesson encourages self- advocacy and self- directed learning while students navigate the intricacies of a group project. Each class experience has a social-emotional learning component that leverages typical areas of strength in students with dyslexia.  The curriculum equips students with the tools to succeed in school, entrepreneurship and navigating the social and emotional challenges of business and life.

During the program, students learn what entrepreneurs and innovators are, then work in small functional groups to learn the habits of successful entrepreneurs and the keys to a successful venture by creating a venture of their own. Student progress is evaluated based on individual participation, as well as the extent to which the group applies the techniques learned to help further the success of their venture. “Seed money “ is awarded to each group to reward effective group culture and adherence to the approaches taught.




Marvelous Music: Disney week!

Disney voice class with Miss Hope! We will be practicing our vocals while learning individual solos and group songs! The class will learn the basics of breathing, solfege, harmony and ear training, all while learning solo and group songs! Together, will choose the songs to stage and perform the final day of camp! We will bring the magic of Disney to your homes this week!



Marvelous Music: Broadway week!

Musical theatre camp for kids who love to sing or have always wanted to try!  The students will not even realize that they are being taught lessons in singing, dancing, and acting because they will be having so much fun! They will learn acting skills though improvisation and character development, receive renowned vocal training and delight in engaging choreography where applicable! Every student gets a chance to shine with solo and group performances at the final showcase!



Marvelous Music: Compose your own music week!

Composition music camp promotes confidence and collaboration skills in students while Miss Hope leads classes in instruments and composition. The students will write their own songs using instruments which we will create digitally using online resources or ones we create with household items. The student can also use an instrument they are already familiar with! This puts students on a lifelong path of arts appreciation through creative group play in a fun and supportive environment. We will have a performance at the end of the week which will feature all of our amazing new music!



Marvelous Music: Popular music and form a band week!

Our popular music camp lets students choose any genre (rap, pop, country, r&b, etc) of popular music while Miss Hope leads classes in singing with instrumental tracks or playing instruments! We will compose our own popular song as a class with instruments that we will create or use ones that the students have. We will then form a band to perform it at our final performance. We will also perform solo or duet performances at this showcase!






Academic Core Block:
4 weeks, July 6-July 31 from 9-12:45

Full Day including the Core Block AND 3 Electives:
4 weeks, July 6-July 31 from 9-12:45

4 weeks




Thank you to all who have participated in fun and successful Summer Programs at Laurel! We’re excited to share some feedback:

“Thank you for another wonderful summer. We are so grateful that Jenna has Laurel School in her life. She returns to her school in the fall more confident and ready for the challenges ahead of her in part because of all the work the staff at Laurel School does with her over the summer.  She also no longer sees her dyslexia as a barrier but, rather as just one of the pieces that makes her the special little girl that she is. Please thank the rest of the staff for us. Enjoy the rest of your summer!”
– Samantha, 4th grade mom 
“I want to send my sincerest thank you to you and the rest of the staff at the Laurel School. Jack’s short time here has been nothing short of incredible. We sent him here hoping he would be able to gain some foundation skills to help remediate his dyslexia diagnosis, I didn’t know I would be getting back a child who was confident and happy to be going to summer school. The transformation I have been in 3 weeks in my son has been incredible and it is because of your wonderful program.  There simply are not words to express my gratitude.”
– Kaitlyn, 3rd Grade Mom